Thursday, March 15, 2007

Ok, So I have been lacking in the bloggin area. I have no excuse for it. I really want to, but it seems that everytime I try to sit and type what comes out ends up being erased. I am an emotional person. I tend to wear my feelings on my sleeve. But when It comes to putting it all out there in written form I struggle.
So here it is, My second installment in the blog.

I have been trying to get my consulting business off the ground. The hardest part isn't coming up with ideas it is making myself do it. My fear of failure is keeping me from pushing forward and ultimately succeeding. Ironic huh???

I did sign up for a website and get business cards printed. I also sent out a few emails...Well now that I think about it maybe I am actually doing something.
This isn't going to happen overnight is it?

I have been a SAHM for so long, and sometimes I catch myself hiding behind my kids so that I don't have to go forward. I have dreams, I just have trouble making myself live them.

Oh I guess that is enough of my babbling on. And I am actually going to hit publish and not erase it all. Maybe someday I can look back on this and see just how far I have actually gotten.

"If you always do what you've always done, You'll always be where you've always been."