Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Prayer Request. PLEASE!!

Hello to all my very special creative friends. I can not go into detail at this time but my family and I are going to a very rough time. I am asking for prayers from you all. Please pray for strength, understanding and that this is resolved quickly.

Thank you all so very much. I have a special place in my heart for each one of you.

Love and hugs to you all.


Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A quick update and a call for some creative help

Boy time flies when you're addicted to Facebook game apps....I didn't realize I haven't posted anything on here in a little while. I really need to start limiting my time on that site. Oh boy!

I wanted to update on Steven's ACT test....as of right now there isn't an update. He said they told him after the test that it will be 3-8 weeks before he hears of the results. As of today we've still not heard a thing. That day after the test I took him to Walmart to buy anything he wanted within a $20.00 price range. (I was thinking he would load up on ball cards.) He said he had some money too so he was going to put it all together and maybe get something bigger. Boy oh boy does he have some expensive tastes...guess he gets that honest though. He was looking at ipods, digital cameras, Wii...all the while taking note as to how much each costs. He said he was going to save his money to put toward one of those things. Then we went down the office supply isle and he saw the calculators and picked up a pretty good Texas Instrument one. WOW....I was kinda surprised. He's a 13 year old boy...was just looking at ipods and decides to get a calculator to help him with his school work....He really impressed me with that decision. I really shouldn't be surprised though if I just stop to think about it. Math is his best and favorite subject. It's one of the few classes I can count on him to not slack in. It's really fitting he want something to help him out.

Now for the call for some creative help. I am the worlds worst as far as saving things that I think I could use later for a project. I also am trying to teach the boys the value in recycling to help the planet. To reuse items we would normally throw away for other purposes. One of the things I have saved...and is taking up much needed room in my craft room....is the cardboard tubes from gift wrap, paper towels, toilet paper. I know I once saw a cute idea to use these things for but for the life of me can not remember where. I usually print out cute/creative things I see on the internet to put into my inspiration binder but it seems this particular item didn't get printed. So here's where I need the help. Do any of you have any fun creative uses/ideas for these items. I am totally drawing a blank other than little cars for the boys. I quickly tossed out that idea as fast as it popped into my head because I know if we made those they would just end up smashed in their bedroom floor. If you have an idea or can point me into a direction of finding ideas I would be soooo grateful. Feel free to post here or you can email me at monicajo4@mchsi.com.

Thanks in advance.