Saturday, July 19, 2008

CHA time..

Its that time of year again. CHA-Summer. I have to admit the past couple days I have been blog hopping to see all the cool new exciting products being released. Oh what I wouldn't give to have a chance to go. I know several people who are there now and I read their comments just to feel like I'm there too. I'm curious as to who else is with me on the blog hopping.

Are you searching for the new goodies?? What are your faves so far??

I am loving anything Cosmo Cricket, that's a given. But I think I have fallen in love with the Making Memories Spell bound collection too.

Share with me what you like.


Julie E. said...

I LIKE IT ALL!!!! :) Can't wait to see all the new goodies. You probably need to update me on what all's coming out...I've been laxing. Love the MM Spell too...and know the Cosmo is A #1 on my list too!!

Stacey said...

HIIIII girl!!!! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!!!! I am going to add you to mine!!!!!

leah said...

Hey. Monica! I've lovin' the Paperie collection from mm. Lots of the pink paislee, and some American Crafts. :D