Saturday, January 17, 2009

Playing with a Christmas Gift.

The boys and I gave Trent a Game Trail camera for Christmas. For those of you who don't know what they are..they are used for hunting. You attach it to a tree in the area you plan to hunt to see what kind of activity is going on. Check it out more at Cabela's .

Trent put the camera out here on the farm just to check it out and see what we could get. He placed it in an area where he know deer usually travel through. Unfortunately we haven't gotten pictures of any deer yet. What we have gotten are a bunch of shots of nothing, I guess the wind or rain would trigger the motion sensor. We've also gotten several shots of dogs, ours and others from the area. Also the occasional rabbit and what we think is a raccoon. (it was kinda hard to make out) But this one shot is by far my favorite of all that we've gotten so far. If only he had been turned facing the camera.

That has got to be the biggest fox I have ever seen. I think I am more excited about this shot than Trent is..heehee.

We moved the camera the other day to an area where we believe the deer bed down. My fingers are crossed we get some good shots. If we do I will be sharing those for sure.
Who knows, we may get a shot of BigFoot...LOL

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Estee said...

Hey, Mon!! That is so cool. That fox is HUGE!! Have fun with your new toy. :)

~kRiStY~ said...

i love the pics!! i'm glad they come out so clear, anything new?