Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New bloggers in the neighborhood Let's give them a big welcome.

Two very special people to me have joined the blogging world. They are both very creative and talented.

The first is Kristy. Her blog is Webfrndz. She has quickly became a very dear friend to me. The fact that she's married to my cousin doesn't have anything to do with it..heehee. Kristy is an amazing photographer and does not give herself enough credit. She dreams to become a professional photographer someday and I believe she will do just that. She's even started making some of the cutest props for photo shoots. I'm hoping she will share those in her blog someday too. Kristy is so full of creativity that I am green with envy. I'm just thankful she's passed on some of her ideas for photo shoots to me..heehee.

The second is my niece Jo Lynn. Her blog is Hair Bows from the Heart. This girl seems to be the "Go-To" girl for all things weddings these days. She helped me with the planning of my other niece's wedding last year and since has had people knocking down her door for help on their own weddings. I've told her more times than I can count she should start a wedding planner business. Instead she's started making hair bows. And beautiful bows at that. Seeing them makes me wish I had a little girl to buy them for. There really isn't anything she can't do or create.

If you have time, please stop by their blogs to check out some of their work. Tell'em Monica sent ya.

Keep those creative juices flowin'



~kRiStY~ said...

Oh my gosh, Monica, thank you so much! I truly appreciate that. You almost made me cry woman! What is up with that? haha.. You definitely have a way with words! I will definitely post a photo of the tutus' I've made. And you know if I lived closer, I'd steal you and we'd go shooting. I don't know that much, but I can teach you what I do know and learn a few things from you myself!! We just need to get our butts outside and shooting! (come on retirement!!!) We'll be old ladies by then, but hopefully we can still wobble around. haha. You've been a great friend and I'm sure your niece Jo Lynn thinks the same thing! (Hi Jo Lynn.. we went to school together!)

Anyways, I'm lost for words. Thank you so much!!!

jolynn said...

awe that was so sweet. thanks.. i love you to....