Thursday, May 07, 2009

What to do on a rainy day?

We made these the other day to give us something to do while it was raining...

The birds love them.

If you've never made one they are so easy.

1. Get a pine cone.

2 Spread peanut butter over it.

3. Roll in bird seed.

4. Tie string or yarn around one end.

5. Hang from a tree.

I have seen a couple cardinals enjoying them and have been trying to get a few shots of that. So far no luck..hehee
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Melissa S said...

Monica..Abi and Ava made these 2 weeks ago....funny that you wrote about it! I still have pics on my camera...

I think our deer enjoyed them much more than the birds sad to say:(

Your'e right...twas simple to do!

charlotte said...

We love doing this project with the kids! haven't done it since the weather has gotten a little warmer though- we should.