Sunday, February 17, 2008

Changes are a comin'

Hello dear friends. I'm just stopping in to make a quick post to say HOWDY and to let you know that I have not ran away. I know each of you can relate as to how LIFE can sometimes take over and laugh at any plans you make. Well do not fret!! I am coming back and have some great new ideas for contests and challenges. Also I have plans to change things up a bit around here. Stay tuned...Changes are a comin'

As always I am still taking orders through my MemoryWorks website (link at right also) Check out the warehouse sale. These items are HOT HOT HOT and are going FAST!!

Do you have suggestion? Questions? Have a great tip you want to share? How about a project you just finished that you would like to share? Just send me a line at I love hearing from you.

Until next time.....
Keep those creative juices flowin'



Melissa S said...

Yeah can't wait to see you more around!

toofclnr said...

happy to see you round...i've missed you!! ((HUGS))

Julie E. said...

Hi Monica, just wanted to stop by and take a peek. :)